Swarthmore releases zine on 19th/20th century women activists

Swarthmore College Libraries are celebrating the woman suffrage centennial in a big way! For the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, the libraries created a new zine recognizing 19th and 20th century women activists, focusing on Quaker women, diverse women who worked closely with Quakers, and women active in the Peace movement. Find the whole zine here

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Crowdsourcing in the Age of COVID

We promised pizza.

When the In Her Own Right project team started planning our second Metadata Enhancement Event, we thought we’d be sitting together in a computer lab on Drexel’s campus. And if you’re asking volunteers to help you, you gotta offer them pizza.

But when the specter of COVID-19 loomed before us, we knew we had to move our event online. Luckily, the PACSCL community rallied around us, and the event far exceeded our expectations.

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