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The In Her Own Right team is wrapping up our five-year project, moving from the process of building the resource to promoting and using the resource. This will be the final post on this blog, which has presented project news and project content. You will still be able to access the blog posts here, but for the project content itself, please visit

In Her Own Right provides access to over 13,000 records of primary source materials reflecting women’s activism, built on the hard work of many individuals and institutions. We publicly wrapped up with our partnering institutions in October and would like to give another shout out to all of them and to our funding partners as well. 

We are pleased to release a white paper summarizing the challenges and successes of our project, which you can find on the project website “About” page: 

For a quick overview of our activity, here’s In Her Own Right by the numbers. Thanks to ALL who contributed. See you on the main site:

  • 24  partner institutions
  • $879,525  total funding in 5 grants, 2016-2021
  • 201,499  frames digitized
  • 13,169  items digitized
  • 121  collection descriptions
  • 39  exhibits, biographical profiles, & primary source sets
  • 287  symposium participants (spring 2021)
  • 206  project contributors

Swarthmore releases zine on 19th/20th century women activists

Swarthmore College Libraries are celebrating the woman suffrage centennial in a big way! For the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, the libraries created a new zine recognizing 19th and 20th century women activists, focusing on Quaker women, diverse women who worked closely with Quakers, and women active in the Peace movement. Find the whole zine here

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Crowdsourcing in the Age of COVID

We promised pizza.

When the In Her Own Right project team started planning our second Metadata Enhancement Event, we thought we’d be sitting together in a computer lab on Drexel’s campus. And if you’re asking volunteers to help you, you gotta offer them pizza.

But when the specter of COVID-19 loomed before us, we knew we had to move our event online. Luckily, the PACSCL community rallied around us, and the event far exceeded our expectations.

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In Her Own Right is seeking “Hidden Voices”!

In Her Own Right has been working hard to bring to light stories of women fighting for their rights and the rights of others, but we know can do better–and we need your help! Our collections as they currently stand focus primarily on the perspectives of women who are white and middle or upper class. In order to work towards a more complete record of activist women from 1820-1920, In Her Own Right is searching for “hidden voices”. This NEH-funded portion of our project involves seeking out additional Philadelphia-area collections from beyond the PACSCL sphere that document underrepresented or marginalized populations. In some cases, such records are embedded among the personal papers of men, or the papers of organizations whose connections to these women are not readily apparent. Continue reading “In Her Own Right is seeking “Hidden Voices”!”

Happy Native American Heritage Month!

As we close out the month of November, In Her Own Right would like to highlight some of the brilliant Native American women who became doctors through the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania: Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte and Dr. Lillie Rosa Minoka-Hill. After reading, search for “Womens Medical College of Pennsylvania” on our database site to learn more about the college and the women who attended.

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Halloween Edition: Seances and Suffrage

In honor of Halloween, this week’s post takes a look at Spiritualism, a mid-nineteenth and early-twentieth century movement that aimed to establish communication between the living and the dead through spirit mediums.

Don’t forget to join us at the Free Library tonight to learn more about In Her Own Right and the suffrage movement!

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“Designing for Suffrage”
The PACSCL In Her Own Right Project and Craft Activity
October 30, 2019, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Free Library of Philadelphia, Parkway Central, 1901 Vine Street

By design, many of the large-scale woman suffrage events had their own “brand” — white dresses, sashes, rosettes, and pins. Much of the printed material also showcased the sophisticated graphic design skills of the organizers.

PACSCL’s In Her Own Right project gives you a window into this important women’s movement, with a display of original documents and facsimiles featuring these distinctive design elements. You also have an opportunity to make your own suffrage button, customizing the designs shown above and others — or making your own entirely. 

While you’re at the In Her Own Right display, learn more about the project and the century of women’s activism that preceded the ratification of the 19th Amendment, by searching and browsing the project’s growing online collection of manuscripts, diaries, photographs, printed material and other resources.

And be sure to spend time at the more than 20 other displays, activities, and “turbo talks” from other institutions, many of them PACSCL members,  that look at design both in and for Philadelphia-area archival repositories. The Design in the Archives evening is a signature event of Archives Month Philly, an annual celebration of Philadelphia-area archives.

To learn more about PACSCL’s In Her Own Right project, visit the project website or search/browse the online archive.